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How to use this page:

  • You are welcome to browse the posts below in search of free native plants. The WRC's hope is that this communal posting board allows everyone to become a native gardener, by removing the many barriers and costs associated with buying plants at full price.
  • Please pay close attention to the poster's words around the plant's growing conditions, and do your own research at the sources on our homepage. Not every native plant works in every spot--pick the right plant for the right place!
  • You are not picking up plants from a nursery, and there is no expectation for the poster to have the plants prepared for you. Be sure to ask the poster if you will need to dig up the plant yourself, or whether the plant is a cutting or seed.
  • Bring something to put the plant in. If you're not sure, ask the poster what they recommend.
  • Native plant pick-ups happen on the poster's and the plant's schedules. Due to the diverse lifecycles of native plants, not every plant is ready to be potted, cut, or harvested at the time you would like to pick it up. Be flexible!